Q: How to boot up your computer faster by limiting the start up programs A: We have done it like this 1/ Click on Start button then click Run and type msconfig into the window 2/ Now click  OK  and in the following window select the Startup tab These are the programs that automatically start every time when you switch on your PC.  3/Now you can uncheck all the unwanted programs which ones you do not need at the startup.  Do not uncheck important ones like your antivirus or security software etc. Restart your PC  to see the difference,your PC will now boot faster.

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Well there is another way to do this by using some nice little utilities  called  startup managers. We can download them from the web. Here is a screen shot from it: For more information visit: http://www.nirsoft.net/utils/what_run_in_startup.html http://codestuff.tripod.com/products_starter.html Back to the top