Are there going to be some issues with the speed ? If you want to know how to find out your hard drive or USB speed ,have a look at the other interesting article here .
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If you will use SATA hot swapping the speed will not be affected.On the contrary USB connection appears to be always slower due to the “bottle neck” created by USB connection. You can read more about the speed here. So what is the “sort of acceptable solution” if I want to travel with minimum package ? Read more about external hard drives -  click here. What can go wrong: - any PC can be booted from external drive - external drive can be hard drive,DVD/CD Rom or USB flash drive - new machines have grater flexibility in terms of adopting the external boot device - on some older machines it is not worth doing it A: What we found out Q: Can be the external hard drive bootable Back to the top
Q: Any question about external hard drive bootable ?