STORAGE - An external disk can be easily moved between computers (home and office). Memory sticks are handy for moving smaller amounts of data only. The best external drives come with their own built-in fans that will keep them cooler  extending their life. So,where we go from here ? Ideal would be to have the combination of all three with an external SATA enclosure  that has USB 2 and as well Firewire with its own operating system. If you want to know how to find out your hard drive or USB speed ,have a look at the other interesting article here .
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What is wrong with the speed ? Some doubts or disadvantages: Good reasons for  having an external hard drive: The question “external versus internal” sparked an endless debate between the PC community. A: What we found out Q: Is there any advantage to have an external hard drive Back to the top
Q: Any question about the advantages to have an external hard drive