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4 pin USB A or USB B and mini-USB plug connector at the Board pin outs

4 pin USB A or USB B and mini-USB jack connector on the lead pin outs

The USB standard uses "A" and "B" connectors to avoid confusion:  "A" connectors head "upstream" toward the computer.  "B" connectors head "downstream" and connect to individual devices. Do your USB devices misbehave or suddenly stop working? An easy way to find out if  your PC's USB ports can meet the demand with help of this USB Breakout box. A Little theory... Types of USB connections


Wire Color




V BUS (+5V)



Data -



Data +



Ground ( 0V)

Twisted data pair How to do the USB breakout box The ready USB breakout box: A B And how to use it ? Nerd tip                    The two red terminals must be interconnected when measuring the data flow otherwise       the PC will not supply power to the connected device. The USB cable is made up from four wires with one pair(data) twisted in shielded jacket. This is what we can see in USB cable cut diagram: What else would you like to know ? Information page @ thenerdfiles.com Ref: #034275 The Nerdfiles.com How to do a simple USB Breakout Box
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