Q: How to create a picture slide show with your screensaver A: We have done it like this If you would like to have your own personal set of pictures displayed with your screensaver instead of the usual windows options and proudly call it My screensaver here is a very simple guide to do it. Under your main hard drive directory C:/ create a new folder and name it  lets say “My Screen Saver “ Then you copy all pictures (which ones you want to display in your Screen Saver) into this folder. After that close the windows explorer window. Right click on your desktop and click Properties.The Display properties window opens. Select the Screen Saver tab and drop down the Screen Saver combo box. From the available options select My Pictures Slide show. Now click on Settings  and in Use pictures in this folder write in the path where your pictures Are located.In this case “ C:\My Screen Saver “ There are some more options to select from to tweak your slide show: Click “OK” then “Apply” and “OK” again to exit the Display properties window. Now your screen saver is a random display of the pictures from your My Screen Saver folder.

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